AlwaysOn 2 Gigabyte Per Month For 12 Months



AlwaysOn is not your average WiFi provider. They believe everyone should have access to fast, affordable WiFi wherever they go. That’s why they provide thousands of WiFi Hotspots across South Africa for seamless Internet connections at always awesome prices.



Why is WiFi Better?

Anyone can use it! Your smartphone or laptop already has WiFi built in. Just go somewhere that offers WiFi, turn it on, and connect. Nothing to plug in, no contract needed. What’s the catch? To log in, you need to register and create an account. It only takes a few seconds, simply use your e-mail and / or mobile number and password. You can also download the AlwaysOn WiFi App for an automated experience.

Why buy AlwaysOn WiFi data?

AlwaysOn WiFi data is very affordable and you can save hundreds of rands by not using your own data. For example, one hour of AlwaysOn WiFi data at a once-off cost of R50 will give you uncapped internet access at multiple Hotspots for 60 minutes. That works out to 83 cents per minute! For that, you can download up to 40 songs or 20 videos.