Online Registration Process


By clicking on the subject menu item on the homepage you will be able to find all available subjects.

By clicking on a subject you will be able to see the detail for that subject eg: the course price, description, CAPS etc.


When you have selected your desired course and have decide to purchase/register for the course, press the “Add to Trolley” button.


When you are satisfied with your selection and the amount of the courses, click the “proceed to Checkout” button.

Upon checkout please fill in all your details correctly and pay special attention to the required fields.

Also add all additional information in the text box provided.


Then select your preferred payment option by ticking the box next the payment option.

Lastly, read the terms & conditions. If you accept, then tick the box and click the “place order” button.

Try, Try and Try Again!

When you purchase a Matric Works subject and pay in full – it will be available to you for 36 months which gives you 3 years to complete the DOE exam while having access to the online course!

So paying for one course ensures you have access to it for 3 sittings of the subject’s ASC exam!

The iTut Online Campus

Learners can access all course content on the go, using their preferred devices. With help always at hand, online learning is convenient and environmentally friendly.

DOE Aligned

All of the 13, Grade 12 subjects on offer from Matric Works are aligned to the Department of Education (DOE).

Online Community Support

With online learning, help is always at hand. Learners are able to draw on the support of their peers, and can access all of their course content online, on the go, 24/7.


We give learners the ability to complete their Amended Senior Certificate online. The ASC is equivalent to the nationally recognized National Senior (matric) Certificate.

Taking the iTut Online Campus Offline


appLearning is increasingly being accessed on mobile devices. The mobile app allows you to access your subjects anywhere at any time. Whether you are a driver, a student or just on a business trip, you have access to your learning material.

Mobile data is expensive and Wi-Fi is not always available. Vast areas are also without any signal at all. This is where the offline player comes into its own.

The iTuT Campus app allows you to download your learning material and store it on a mobile device. All your activity is stored on the device until connection is re-established where it is uploaded to the LMS. Whether you are at 37,000 feet on a plane or driving through a rural village, you will always have access to your learning material.


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