Our Story

Powered by Optimi, Media Works and College SA allows adults and out-of-school learners to complete their Matric education and improve their career outlook.

As it currently stands, two thirds of South Africa’s adult population have not had the opportunity to complete a Matric/Grade 12 qualification. Having a Matric-level qualification is extremely important in South Africa, where it is widely regarded as the bare minimum level of education for most forms of employment.

If you are interested in completing your Matric, Optimi is here to help!

Our two divisions, Media Works and College SA, allows you to achieve your Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) through business or distance learning.

College SA

(Private Individuals)

College SA helps private individuals complete their Matric wherever they are. College SA is a private distance learning college which means they do not offer face-to-face classes. Students study at their own pace from home.

If you would like to enrol for the Amended Senior Certificate get in contact with College SA.

Media Works

(Business to Business)

Media Works deals with corporates and government. Their services are aimed at organisations who wants to improve their employees’ education.

Businesses who would like to give their staff the opportunity to achieve an Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) can enrol their employees through Media Works.

Optimi’s Adult Matric courses are accessible, affordable and comprehensive. It allows you to recap and learn afresh, preparing you for the nationally recognised Amended Senior Certificate (Matric) examinations.

Not only does the Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) programme cover all the necessary bases, but it is engaging and informative too. Within a 40-week period, learners can complete their studies at a pace that fits them best. As part of the programme, there is a 16-week bridging portion that recaps work covered in Grades 10 and 11.

Media Works and College SA is changing the game for all South Africans wishing to complete their Matric/Grade 12 qualifications.

Apply now for your Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) and take the next step in making your career dreams a reality!