Our Story

Powered by Media Works, Matric Works allows adults and out-of-school learners to complete their Matric education online.

As it currently stands, two thirds of South Africa’s adult population has not had the opportunity to complete a matric/grade 12 qualification. Having a matric-level qualification is extremely important in South Africa, where it is widely regarded as the bare minimum level of education for most forms of employment.

Matric Works is here to help.

Our new offering makes it easy to complete your matric education, from wherever you are. Users can achieve an Amended Senior Certificate (equivalent to a Matric / Grade 12) online via correspondence.

Our programme offers two convenient online learning options, which are accessible, affordable and comprehensive. Both options allow users to recap and learn afresh, preparing them for the nationally recognised Amended Senior Certificate (matric) examinations.

Not only does the programme cover all the necessary bases, but it is engaging and informative too. Within a 40-week period, learners are able to complete their studies at a pace that suits them best. As part of the programme, there is a 16-week bridging portion that recaps work covered in grades 10 and 11.

Online learning means that help is always at hand if you need it. Using an online learning platform also means that learners can complete their studies on-the-go, any time of the day or night. The ability to store and access all content and course content online means no more worries about losing or damaging your notes or projects.

Matric Works is changing the game for all South Africans wishing to complete their matric/Grade 12 qualifications. Matric Works is powered by Media Works, who are the largest Private Adult Basic Education and Training provider in South Africa. Media Works has been in operation for over 20 years and seeks to go beyond education by also building up and enlightening South Africans.

Apply now for Matric Works and take the next step in making your career dreams a reality.


The convenience of online learning is not without its own challenges, which is why we developed iTut.

iTut, which stands for ‘Interactive Tutor’, is an app developed by Media Works that takes online training and education offline.

With innovative technology and the Internet of Things taking the world by storm, people are increasingly accessing training and education via online channels. Smart mobile devices, in all their shapes and forms – are revolutionizing the way we learn and up-skill ourselves, our children and our staff. Access to important training and learning content is technically possible anywhere, anytime.

But this freedom and convenience comes with its own unique set of challenges. Wi-fi is not always available, or reliable – and data is still extremely expensive in South Africa. It is well known that there are vast areas throughout our country where connectivity is not possible at all; signal is non-existent.

This is where iTut comes into its own, standing apart from other online learning and training platforms. iTut features an offline player that makes it possible for users to access all their course content via the app, whether they have internet access or not.

The app allows users to download their training material and store it locally, using their mobile device. It is then possible to access that material at any time, whether connected to the internet or not. All activity is stored on the device until connection is re-established, where it then is uploaded to the Learning Management System (LMS). Be the user 37,000 feet in the air on a flight, or driving through a rural village, they will always have access to their course material. iTut tackles the practical challenges of online learning so that users can continue making progress, without missing a beat.